We took our best selling flavors and made a snack bag sampler so you can try a taste! Assorted Snack Bag Sampler includes:

Firecracker Hot & Spicy®: 3.25oz bag
A spicy combination of nacho peanuts, spicy charritos, taco sesame sticks, roasted and salted almonds, and roasted, no salt pumpkin seeds.

Healthy Trails Mix3.5oz bag
This snack mix is the ultimate trail mix combination of raisins, roasted, no salt sunflower seeds, roasted, no salt cashews, roasted, no salt pumpkin seeds, and roasted, no salt almonds. 


Sunburst3.5oz bag 
A classic salty sweet combination of roasted and salted peanuts, cocoa gems, raisins, and roasted and salted almonds. 

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